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I'm a croquette~

Chocolate snowcap cookies


when will himaruya return from the war


As soon as I saw this post, I was automatically reminded of Alfred.



I’ve been planning on doing this giveaway for a while and I finally have the chance to do it!

I’ll be giving away a Nikon D5100 and an iPhone 4S, they’re both in excellent conditions. 

There will be two winners.

The 1st place winner gets to choose which prize they want.

The 2nd place winner gets either the camera or the iPhone (whichever the 1st place winner didn’t choose).

I’ll be shipping worldwide!

To enter:

  • Likes and reblogs count but if you do both you’ll have a better chance at winning.
  • You don’t have to be following me but if you win and you ARE following me, I’ll buy you an iPhone case or a camera bag of your choosing (or anything else you’d like that is between the price range of those two things).
  • Reblog as many times as you want just don’t spam your followers.
  • You should already know that giveaway blogs don’t count.
  • Have your ask box open so I can contact you in case you win. 

I’ll be using a random number generator to choose the winners. They’ll have 24 hours to message me back. You have until August 8th to reblog this. Good luck! <3


The Avengers: Age of Ultron cast at San Diego Comic Con 2014


Chris laughs in the last part L O L

Omg Tom LOL 

─── You’re not alone anymore.


When Mark moved his chair from the rest of the cast cause he was sick of their shit


This is Ben BarnesimageHe is  the love child of Castiel and Dean Winchesterimage

Let’s do a comparison

.. imageFace MergingimageBen Barnes

Destiel with  Long Hairimage


Ben Barnes with long hairimage

I mean just… Look at himimageimage


All I can say is..image

This commences our Moment of Appreciation. 

18♀•/ Spain

Breaking bad• KingdomHearts•

David Tennant♥ Gerard Butler
Norman Reedus• David Morrissey• Mark Sheppard

“La gente asume que el tiempo es una progresión estricta de causa y efecto pero de hecho desde un punto de vista ni lineal ni subjetivo es como una gran pelota que se bambolea y trastabillea, cosas del tiempo”

Let the dream begin

@Shylesswho_McTB on Twitter

Brrrp ~



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